Habitat is the sole mission of DU. Only by protecting, enhancing,
restoring and managing wetlands and associated uplands can the annual
life cycle needs of North American waterfowl be protected.  Since it's
founding in 1937 Ducks Unlimited has raised over $1.5 billion. These
funds have allowed for the conservation of nearly 10,000,000 acres of
prime wildlife habitat in all fifty states, each province in Canada and in key
areas in Mexico.

In Minnesota alone, DU has helped to conserve over 85,000 acres of
waterfowl habitat.  Over 900 species of wildlife live and flourish on Ducks
Unlimited supported projects.  Many of these species are threatened or
endangered. DU's 886 waterfowl projects in Minnesota conserve 94,669
acres of habitat.

The local banquet committee has provided a nesting program with in the
city of Chaska since 1993.  This includes the placement and the annual
maintenance of 24 wood duck houses and seven hen house nesting
platforms.  The hatch success of these nests has been recorded and has
an average success rate of 71%.  In addition, the committee annually
builds cedar wood duck houses from the proceeds of local donations to
Ducks Unlimited.  These houses are then donated to DU members
throughout the county to place in area wetlands.
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